This is the best chiropractic place that I know! They truly value you as a person and in getting to know you personally. Not only for me but every time I’m in there I hear them asking everyone how they’ve been, questions on their life, and how their family has been! Highly highly recommend them!!!

– Sydney G.

I’ve been going to Family First Chiropractic for years and have my entire family going there as well. Besides the maintenance visits that have helped me throughout the years, it’s done wonders for my children. I’ve taken both my girls since they were six weeks old. A birth can be hard on a baby even with them being so flexible. It also helped with full rotation of their head so they wouldn’t favor one side to sleep on and end up that side of their head being slightly misshapen. Knock on wood but my 4 year old and two year have never had an ear infection. As soon as I see a symptom, we’re off to see Dr. Vicki Jordan and when she adjusts them, they look and feel better right away. Same with the common cold, if they’re congested, an adjustment helps to drain their sinuses immediately and they fall asleep in the car on the way home. We’re so thankful to have a great chiropractor and we highly recommend her to anyone. Last but least, the acupuncture and massages there are fabulous! I incorporated the massages and chiropractic care while pregnant and it gave me so much relief and allowed me to be active until the day I had my babies. I just did the acupuncture and adjustment back to back yesterday and I felt like a new person. Cannot say enough positive things about this practice!

– Jolenna M.

Accidents are generally thought of as a bad thing but not true when it comes to Family First Chiropractor in Charlotte. Yes I became a patient of FFC as a result of being in an accident. Totally skeptical about seeing a chiropractor for treatment in lieu of medications that serve as a short term bandage . I scheduled my appointment. I was wonderfully greeted by Vicky C. , the office manager. Vicky was very informative as to what I could expect for/ from my care with Dr Vicky and her team. Because of the severity of my back pain ; Dr Vicky suggested I try Ultra Sound and/or Laser Treatments. My back pain was a (+) 10. I just laid on the table while one of the assistants Emily, Dylan, Brianne or Taylor set the Laser’s focus and the timer. My third treatment I began to feel a positive difference in my pain level from (+) 10 to a 6. Due to COVID March 2020 was my last visit until I recently returned this month for maintenance. My fear was during the downtime of COVID my severe pain would return. I am so pleased to say the Laser treatment is a must have for anyone who is experiencing severe pain. So much relief from pain by just keeping still and letting the Laser work for you. I highly suggest trying Dr Vicky and her team. Thanks Team Jordan!!!

– Debi W.

Dr. Jordan treats our whole family and what a great experience we’ve had. I have a complex connective tissue disorder and she works with me at each stage of the recovery process, adjusting the treatment plan and combining chiropractic with acupuncture for optimal pain relief and movement. I probably wouldn’t be walking much without her.

Staff is friendly and wonderful. They also do a fabulous job with my kids. Come here!!

– Rachel D.

My experience here has been amazing!! I’ve tried every possible option for getting rid of my headaches to no avail. I tried imitrex, massages, botox, dry needling, and more I’m sure. Acupuncture at this facility has been my only saving grace. I’ve barely used my prescription the last few month and have saved $1200 on botox as I don’t need the next shot. Thank you Dr. Vicki and staff. xoxoxoxoxo

– Rosalynn B.

Dr.Vicki is very knowledgeable in her field. She takes time with her patients and is very interested in their helping them overcome their issues. Very professional and caring staff.

– Elissa P.

Dr. Jordan has changed my life! For the first time in over 10 years, I am not experiencing neck pain! The staff here is great, and readily explain everything that is happening. I highly recommend this practice!

– Whitney E.

I have been a patient for well over a year, I would recommend Dr. Vicki Jordan and her staff to everyone. I’ve been pain free for over 16 months.

– Eddie

The staff is very friendly. And Ms Vickie is super. I leave that place so relaxed. I use acupuncture there. It really relaxes me and the staff is so comfortable.

– Niah A.

Family First is located less than a mile from my house. I love getting weekly acupuncture here and have even tried cupping! Every night I use the Auvon Tens Massager recommended by the staff; it’s helping my back muscles loosen instead of being so tight.

– Rachel L.

I’ve been seeing Alla, our massage therapist, for a few weeks. She is amazing and has been focusing on my back tightness. My adjustments are smoother and I feel so much better. If you like deeper tissue she is wonderful.

– Vickie C